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Moon Hee Jun update

I meant to post all this before but I got busy. I intended to update these things on LJ each week, so we'll see if I can start doing that...If you want to get Moon Hee Jun stuff as soon as it comes out, you have 3 options. PCF (My general asian pop culture forum), WAL (My H.O.T Fanfic/Fandom forum), and DTH (The Dedicated to H.O.T forum)


Message From Hee Jun to Chinese fans

Message From Hee Jun to fanclub

Hee Jun manages schedule with military discipline

Interview: interview - "The two-sided Moon Hee Jun"


True Game 04/15

04/17 on Bobpers

04/17 radio show

04/18 on A'st1 show

Music Bank 04/18 perf

(audio) 04/18 on MC Mong radio show

Hee Jun 04/19 on Happy Shares Company w/ Kyu Jong (SS501)

(audio) 04/20 on Starnight radio

04/21 radio show

M!Countdown 04/24 perf

04/24 radio show

Vitamin 04/25

Hee Jun on Happy Shares Company preview

Inki Gayo 04/27 perf

04/28 radio show

M Super Concert 04/29 perf

(audio) 04/30 on MC Mong radio show

Happy Shares Company 05/03

05/03 on ETN

Star Golden Bell 05/03

Live Power Music 05/03 perf

(audio) 05/05 on radio show

Mystery Commando 05/08

(audio) 05/08 on radio show

Happy Shares Company 05/10

Moon Hee Jun singing Kim Su Chul song (On Star King 05/10)

Star King 05/10

Six Feeling Confrontation 05/11

Sang Sang Plus 05/13

Military Gayo on YTN Star 05/14

Mystery Commando 05/15

Hollywood Bowl 05/17 perf (clips)
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